Secure Software Development (SSDLC)

Many developers don’t know what secure code looks like, and many more aren’t fully aware of themore than 1,000 categories of security mistakesthat developers can make.
The increasing concerns and business risks associated with insecure software have brought increased attention to the need to integrate security into the development process. Implementing a proper Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) is important now more than ever.

A Secure SDLC process ensures that security assurance activities such aspenetration testing,code review, andarchitecture analysisare an integral part of the development effort. The primary advantages of pursuing an Secure SDLC approach are:

  • Ensures Defense-in-Depth

  • More secure software as security is a continuous concern

  • Awareness of security considerations by stakeholders

  • Early detection of flaws in the system

  • Cost reduction as a result of early detection and resolution of issues

  • Overall reduction of intrinsic business risks for the organization
  • Less Cost involved in Threat Detection and Management by Adopting Secure Design measures will reduce the relative cost and negative effects on security ROI to fix these vulnerabilities.
  • Added Reliability, Application is less prone to Attacks:

    Provide  Attack Surface Evaluation and Threat Modeling


ITShield security specialists can help your organization to assist and detect Architecture (Flaws) and Implementation (Bugs) issues and provides application’s risk profile, Attack Surface Evaluation, Threat Modeling, Code Review, Reviewing SDLC Process and developers training Sessions.