Security Operation Center Assessment

With the increasing volume and complexity of security threats in today’s IT environment, it is critical to have a well-organized capability for monitoring and responding to IT security incidents. The primary mission of the Security Operations Center (SOC) is to monitor, detect, analyze, and respond to IT security threats and reduce risk to business units, partners, and customers.

It is important for all organization to understand where their SOC establishment is and how it is evolving. To quantifiably measure the effectiveness of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) , a regular SOC maturity assessment and its function within the organization is a good way to keep a grip on evolution of SOC.

SOC MATURITY ASSESSMENT will also ensure that organization can take corrective measures, based on findings and gaps of SOC from the desired outcome expected by organization.

How ITShield can help ?

ITSHIELD will help your organization to assess each of the foundation-level elements of people, process, and technology. After conducting the assessment, ITShield will deliver a report that details the information gathered, identifies the organization’s overall strengths and weaknesses, lists current and future maturity ratings, Establish future state target maturity by component , Analyze current and future targets vs. industry maturity benchmarks , Identify gaps, opportunities for improvement, prioritize improvements and Develop preliminary recommendations and improvements for SOC program.