Next Generation Endpoint Security

Your enterprise is under constant threat of cyber-attack and hackers are targeting your endpoints.

Endpoint security software addresses the risk of various endpoints (laptops, PCs, servers, mobile devices, etc.) connected to an enterprise network .


The movement toward next-generation endpoint security has accelerated over the last few years . New endpoint security technologies emerged with High-efficacy malware detection/blocking based upon layered endpoint security technologies (i.e. AV signatures, heuristics, IoC comparisons, etc.) and also machine learning algorithms . New RDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) capabilities have evolved to help organizations to collect, process, analyze, and retain all endpoint security data .

According to ESG research, 87% of organizations have purchased or are planning to purchase a comprehensive endpoint security suite that contains both advanced prevention and EDR.

ITShield support your Enterprise to implement Next generation endpoint security solutions that strengthens every point of entry across all form factors and ecosystems, while still allowing your employees to be productive.